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Buying a horse

Buying a horse from us at Youridewedrive

Whether you are a seasoned buyer or you are shopping around for your first horse this page aims to help you on your way. The main focus is the actual purchase procedure including a Q & A section. If you are in two minds on which horse to choose, we recommend our “What horse is right for me?” page. This page includes a questionnaire to help you on your way. If you have any additional questions on buying a horse, please contact us!

How to buy a horse

Get started!
A pony looking curiously at photographer at youridewedrive
Buying a horse – the mystery unraveled!

The normal procedure of purchasing a horse is to first consider what horse you are looking for, set a budget and start scanning ads. Save ads of horses that fit your bill. Look at pictures and videos of the horse. Write down a list of questions you may have for the seller.

First contact.

Contact the seller. This might seem daunting but we are all humans and we aim to get a good outcome whatever is decided. Ask all your questions, don’t be shy! We as sellers will also ask a few questions. This is important as this may decide if the horse is suitable or not. The main thing here is to be HONEST!!! It is perfectly ok for everyone to dream big and aim for the Olympics but this might have to happen one little tiny baby step at a time. This way owning a horse is going to be much more fun.

Viewing versus not viewing….young girl riding a pony at youridewedrive

This is of course up to the customer. Usually the more experience the better the outcome if you decide not to view. We are more than happy to help with travel arrangements. With plenty of low cost air travel available it is far easier now than it has ever been.

Make it a family mini break! We are happy to suggest sightseeing tips for both horsey and non-horsey family members alike.

At the viewing you will first see the horse ridden by one of our riders. If you feel up to it you can now try the horse for yourself. Start slow! Find the “buttons” and check responsiveness. Remember this is not a competition nor something that is going to be judged. Its all about finding the perfect fit. If you decide to come over to view with us we attempt to show you a few horses at the same level so you have something to compare with.

Looking for a foal?

Black mare and foal at youridewedrive
Jet black foal by Barnaboy Freeman. Mother goes back to King of Diamonds.

Tell us what breeding you are looking for and we will make sure you have plenty to choose from or indeed find that sought after gem.

Found your horse!


Once you have decided on a horse, it is time for vetting and contracts! We vet all horses leaving our yard and this is included in the price, if you want x-rays done this is regarded as an optional extra. We use renowned vets and you are welcome to chat to them before, during and after the vetting.


We make up a standard contract on each horse which both buyer and seller should sign. This is what it looks like: Contract


You will need to pay for your horse before it is loaded at our yard. This is normally done via bank transfer.


We aim to sell all horses including shipment to you. This means you know exactly what the horse will cost. We will arrange for export vetting, which is completely separate from the vetting done above. The export vetting only shows that the horse is fit to travel.

Girl loving her pony!
Love your pony! At youridewedrive we hope that all our horses and ponies will be loved.

When your new horse arrives at your stable there are a few things to consider.

  • Bring them into a well strewn stable, they may want a wee! Especially older mares may find it hard to do their business on the lorry.
  • Make sure they have access to water and monitor how much they drink.
  • Let them out in a well fenced paddock, walk them or lunge them. This will help get rid of any excess energy and stiffness after the journey.
  • Get to know your horse. Get started straight away! Let the bonding begin to make the most of those precious first days.
  • Riding for the first time. Do this sooner rather than later, day after arrival is perfect! We suggest you lunge your horse before you sit up for the first time. The horse will have rested for the entire journey and combined with stiffness this may result in a fizzy horse and even some acrobatics from the most sedate horse.
  • If you are an inexperienced rider it is a good idea to let an experienced rider try the horse out before you get on. Remember that your horse has traveled thousands of miles /km and may feel just a bit anxious about his or her new home.
  • Keep in contact. We love our horses and we love to know how they get on, this is also a great way of solving minor hiccups. We are more than happy to help with any questions you might have however small or indeed weird.


We aim to eliminate the need for this. We believe that in being honest about the horse and honest about the riders capabilities we have come a long way. Should problems arise we believe that communication is King! Tell us straight away, there might be a simple answer. We will help as much as we possibly can to get sorted.

A few horses to view:

Foxhall Foursox

Chin Chin Lady

Foxhall Diggit


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Q. Trust! Can i trust the description of the horse?

A. We aim to write the descriptions as accurate and extensive as possible. To make sure the horse is a good fit it is still important to ask questions and be honest about capability. This is why we may ask questions or even ask for a video of the intended rider, to make sure it will be a positive outcome.

Q. Can i trust buying a horse from Ireland?

A. We are aware of the fact that buying a horse, not just from Ireland, can be a tricky business. Trust your instincts! Ask questions and do not expect the impossible. A common misconception is that you can buy a good and healthy horse cheap, really cheap. To avoid disappointment look at a lot of adverts to assess what a horse should actually cost. Out of the three things “Good, Cheap and Healthy” you can only have two… I refer to our page “Which horse is right for me?” for more information on which questions to ask and what to think of.

Q.Is it difficult to buy a horse from another country?

A. We have taken the difficult out of the equation! We take care of the paperwork and make sure your new horse arrives with you and you know exactly what it is all going to cost.


Q. What about insurance?

A. We have contact with a lot of overseas insurance companies and are happy to help. It you intend to keep your horse insured it is a good idea to get this done before the journey begins. Remember that you are the owner from the moment you pay for the horse.

The Horse

Q. What feed will i give my new horse?

A. We are happy to give you advice on how to feed your new horse. This is information tailored to each horse.

Q. What saddle will fit?

A. We are happy to answer any questions regarding tack for your horse. We are aiming to introduce a starter kit including saddle, bridle and some essentials, if you are interested in this service please ask! You will find a contact form below.


We know that buying a horse is a big “thing”. If you have any questions please ask! We hope you will find your perfect fit and a friend for life and again if you decide to buy a horse from us please let us know how you get on. We love to hear about “our” horses and are more than happy to help if you have any questions about anything horsey.


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