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Ponies for sale. We offer a wide variety of ponies from first pony, show to top performers of show jumping and eventing.

Kilickle Laurel

  • Kilickle Laurel a connemara pony showing off her trot
  • Kilickle Laurel trotting in the school
  • Kilickle Laurel
  • Kilickle Laurel a connemara pony showing off her canter
  • Kilickle Laurel over a jump
  • Kilickle Laurey a grey pony walking

Kilickle Laurel – pony for showjumping and eventing

This lovely dun / grey mare is born in 2014 and measures ~147cm. She sports a scopey jump and a very kind, rideable temperament.

Kilickle Laurel is a very kind pony through and through, she handles nicely in the stable including shoeing, clipping, washing, catching in the field etc etc.

We have ridden her out both on her own and in company and she is used to a variety of traffic including farm traffic. Laurel is still a little green but is keen to learn and is progressing fast. She is ready to start a competitive career shortly in either showjumping or eventing.

Laurel takes everything in her stride and does not get spooked by new types of fences, she has been out to see both show jumps and xc fences. She also travels well and keeps her calm at new places.


We believe this pony will be a great asset to anyone looking to further their career in showjumping or eventing. Definitely one for the future.

More info on this pony very shortly.

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Barnaboy Gamble Cruise Lady

  • Barnaboy Gamble Cruise Lady
  • Nice outline for young mare
  • Approach to a fence
  • Gamble Cruise Lady jumping
  • Grey pony walking, cooling down after some work. Barnaboy Gamble Cruise Lady

Filly for the future!

This talented pony is by the Irish stallion Gamble on Diamond who jumped successfully up to 150 level.

She combines a very scopey and promising jump with a “to die for” temperament. Born in 2014, she is now 5 years old (2019) and is about to embark on her competitive career. We have high hopes for this one and it is going to be a pleasure to follow her up through the ranks.

More information about this fabulous filly coming soon….


Woodpark Dainty

Woodpark Dainty is a mare born in 2012, 146.5, dun.

This is a real little lovely lady. Woodpark Dainty super honest and a rock for anyone starting out showjumping.

Dainty has done pony club so experienced Both cross country and over show jumps. She is a dream to handle in all aspects, including loading, shoeing, clipping etc etc

Dainty jumping. An Irish dun pony 146cm
Showjumping competition with Woodpark Dainty.
Woodpark Dainty pony clubbing
pony enjoying freedom in the indoor school. Looking absolutely beautiful.
True beauty. Dun pony Woodpark Dainty




Badger the wonderpony

Badger is truly a fab fun pony! He has hunted with the Grallagh Harriers, East Galway and Roscommon!!! He is 100%, any mothers Dream. He has been brought on through pony club by competent youngster and rides really well. Continue reading Badger


Kilcorban Cool Hazel

Kilcorban Cool Hazel

Bay pony jumping a cross country fence
Hazel jumping a fair fence XC

Wonderful bay mare born in 2011. She is 148cm/14’2. Kilcorban Cool Hazel is a nicely put together pony that has been well schooled and has plenty to offer a new jockey. Kilcorban Cool Hazel is the perfect pony for any rider who wants an experienced pony with lots to give.

Continue reading Kilcorban Cool Hazel