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Does your horse require transport?

We are driving with a two horse lorry to be able to provide that little extra care for you and your horse. We take night stops at professional stables who provide great reliability and service, your horse is regularly fed with the feed of your choice, it has access to hay, water is offered each time we stop and a journal is kept for how much each horse has eaten and drunk. If a horse gets tired and needs an additional stop, this is catered for. For your ease of mind we try to keep in contact via text messages throughout the journey.

We also provide information about other available transport to try to find the best solution for you.

What do we need to know

What we need from you to make the journey as pleasant as possible for your horse!

Þ Age, size, sex and condition.

Þ Type of feed the horse is used to

Þ Personality

Þ Has your horse been ill or does it suffer from an ailment?

Þ Passport number

Þ Vet certificate for the journey. If your horse is travelling from the UK or Ireland we will deal with all the necessary paperwork and vetting.

Þ Preferably a mobile phone number, we will text you information on how your horse is travelling and times of arrival etc.

Þ Address and telephone number for pickup and destination

We are DEFRA registered and we have all the necessary certificates for transporting horses over long distances including operators licence, insurance etc. Everyone involved in our business have lifelong experience of horses and transportation. As we keep horses ourselves we appreciate  and understand how much YOUR horse means to you. It is therefor our top priority to bring it to its destination in top condition, fit and ready to bring on.

If you would like to transport a foal or a young horse we have got a box onboard to offer the possibility to lie down.

Due to the fact that we only undertake a limited number of journeys each year we have now started working with wen Jones of the NEBO stud transport co. This has been working extremely well as wen works with the same ethos in mind.

Call us if you would like to know more about transporting horses or would like an offer!


Youridewedrive offer regular trips between the UK/ Ireland and Sweden / Finland. We can pick up or drop off in France, Belgium, Holland, Germany and Denmark etc. We also transport horses throughout the UK. Have you got a special request, please do not hesitate to contact us at or phone: 0044 (0)7972646648 text message also.

Best Regards,

Stina Harvidsson & Co

Youridewedrive Horse transport

Maybe you would like a little help in choosing a horse to transport. Wherever you eventually buy the horse, please feel free to use our page What horse is right for me?

There you will find a questionnaire to guide you through the decision process.


30 thoughts on “Horse transport”

  1. Hi, I’m considering bringing a gypsy cob from England to Sweden (Malmö, down south). I would like to know what you charge for the trip before booking. Thanks/Anna

      1. Hej, det låter bra! Vilka datum i juni kör ni England-Malmö?
        Gärna svar till min mail, jag såg intde detta förrän nu 🙂

        Affären borde vara klar i veckan så jag hör av mig asap. /Anna

      2. Hej, skulle vilja veta om man får mängdrabatt för flera hästar? Isåfall rör det sig om en ponnyåring och ett ponnysto! Anna

    1. Vet inte om du fick mitt svar så jag skickar ett till… England till Malmö ligger på gbp 550 all inclusive. Mvh Stina

  2. Hej

    Jag har en A-Ponny som ska saljas till sverige han ar valack 5ar i bra condition. Snalll med andra hastar. Vad skulle det kosta mellan Breda i holland och sverige stockholm.
    Mvh Helena

    Hi I got a A pony who’s gonna be sold to Sweden gelding five years has good stamina nice with other horses. What would it cost to send him between breda in Holland to Stockholm sweden?
    Regards Helena

  3. Vad kostar det mellan breda holland och stockholm sverige for en A-Pony samt vilka papper behover ni?

    Skrev igar men tror det forsvann
    Mvh Helena

    1. Det ligger på gbp 500 de papper som behövs är pass och hälsointyg. Möjligen kan jag kombinera med något annat och på så sätt få ned priset. Mvh stina

  4. Hej om ni tar med min ponny fran Breda holland oxa till malmo med dessa ponnys kostar det da?

    MVH Helena

    1. Mot slutet av månaden ok dock har jag svårt att blanda hästar från Holland och uk då jag kör med en liten bil…

  5. Hi thinking about buying a horse in UK, what do you charge for transport to Sweden? Understand if you need more information. Just let me know what more you need.
    Best regards Robert Johansson

    1. Hejsan,
      Tyvärr kör jag inte så väldigt mycket längre utan fokuserar på hästförsäljningen. Jag hjälper dock gärna till att ordna vettig transport till Sverige. Priset ligger mellan GBP600-GBP750 beroende på var i Sverige du bor.
      Stina Harvidsson

  6. Hello,
    Do you still transport horses from germany to the uk ? I need a trotter taking from gelsenkirchen to dorset. Could you give me a quote please ? You transported a horse for me before from germany to dorset.
    Thank you 🙂

    1. Hello, I do drive from time to time, not quite as often as before. I have a trip going that way between Christmas and the new year. Price would be GBP 350 door to door.
      Best regards,

  7. Hiya what sort of price would you charge from transport of a horse from Hastings (England) to Kronoberg (Sweden) and if you have any dates available to do this?
    Many thanks

  8. Hello!

    I’m hoping to transport my horse from North Wales to Eskilstuna, Sweden, sometime in spring next year. I am flexible with dates. Could you be so kind as to give me a quote of what the cost would be for such a trip, if it is possible? Thank you so much!


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