Madam Maxine

Madam Maxine – future superstar

Madam Maxine is a 148cm / 14’2 mare born in 2014. Coloured in fifty shades of grey, she is an absolutely stunning pony that does not leave much more to wish for.

This pony has 3 lovely paces and a very scopey, promising jump. This is complemented with a seriously good temperament.

Education and handling

Maxine has done pony club, showjumping and eventing. Everything is easy, she simply does not put a foot wrong. She has the capacity to jump a big course of fences. She has progressed with Showjumping Ireland up to 1m.

Link to results Showjumping Ireland

When it comes to handling this pony is a pure saint. She is lovely to handle, care for, clip, wash, catch in the field, farrier and loading. She rides out alone or in company and is used to traffic including farm traffic.


We do believe that this Madam Maxine has a very bright future and may well reach the top in either showjumping or eventing. She will suit any competitive rider who wants to advance up through the ranks. Having said this Madam Maxine has such a fabulous temperament that she would also suit the the less advanced rider.


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