Grey pony with a big heart. Wonderful prospect for the competitive scene.

Comers Elf (sold)

Wonderful, wonderful Comers Elf!!!

Gelding born in 2013 (6years in 2019), grey, 14’2 (148cm), passported and absolutely perfect!!

Grey pony standing. Extreme beauty.
Comers Elf, beauty and beyond!!


Comers Elf is one of those wonderful multitalented easy to ride, great minded ponies that is as close as you come to perfection ☘️☘️☘️. He is honest and careful, has three good paces and a scopey jump. He has been schooled over both show jumps and cross country jumps and is the perfect partner for anyone interested in showjumping or eventing.

This pony is also great to care for. Everything including grooming, clipping, washing, loading, shoeing and catching in the field is easy peasy!

He rides out alone and in company and has proven to be very sensible. This includes farm traffic, road work, hunting etc etc. The pony has also been schooled at several places away from home, he keeps his calm even at the busiest of places.

Elf is a healthy pony with no issues up to date and is open to any vetting including x-rays etc.

Grey 148 cm pony in a water cross country jump. very calm and no worries in the world
Comers Elf showing his brilliant temperament. Calm as a cucumber!!!


We believe that Comers Elf will go the distance in Eventing and excel to at least a 1.20 level at showjumping. He has no problems clearing big fences and nothing fases him. He is used to and readily jumps water, ditches, coloured fences and fillers alike.

This pony would also suit as a family share or a riding school.

14'2 grey pony jumping a cross country fence made out of beer barrels. Fun and well jumped
Jumping some barrels. Fun personified!
Comers elf a grey pony jumping over a show jumping fence. The pony has a very scopey jump and clears the fence well. this pony has talent
Schooling over show jumps. He has a very scopey jump and no problems when the fences get bigger! This pony has talent!
Comers Elf a grey pony looking lovely in his new head collar in the garden.
Cosy lovely perfect pony friend! What a personality!

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