Foxhall Fred (sold)

Foxhall Fred

A gelding born in 2012 (6 years old in 2018). 138cm.

Foxhall Fred a Pony jumping a cross country fence
Freddy jumping a cross country fence

Foxhall Fred pony is a very friendly soul. A perfect plod to teach the noble art of riding. He is still learning the finer details but is a fast learner and is the perfect prospect for a riding school.

Foxhall Fred a Skewbald pony seen from the side
Freddy stood

Freddy jumps with joy and doesn’t mind what the fence looks like. He is a comfortable kind ride and aims to please.


We believe that Foxhall Fred is an asset to any riding school. He is kind, easy to do in all ways and has a heart of gold. He truly lives and breathes to please.

More photos, film and info shortly.






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