Mick (sold)

Gelding 148cm, born in 2011.

Mick, a potential show jumping pony,  is most likely a thoroughbred/ pony cross. This pony is alert and loves to please. There is great potential as he jumps with great scope and moves very well. He has shown that there are plenty to come and we believe he will do well both as a show jumper and an eventer.


We are currently schooling Mick over both show jumping and XC fences. He is very honest and is a very fast learner. Our pony rider has been to a few pay and jumps with good results and will shortly start going to bigger shows with Mick.


Mick has a very nice temperament and he is so very kind to handle. There are never any issues with grooming, clipping, washing, shoeing or loading.  Mick goes out in the field alone or with other horses, he is one of those that just float around without causing any upset and when you want him he is easy to catch. He travels well and keeps his calm when ridden in new places.


We believe Mick would suit competitive teenager who would like to go up through the grades.



Just after enjoying a shower. Mick is a cool dude.
Just after enjoying a shower. Mick is a cool dude.

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6 thoughts on “Mick (sold)”

  1. Hello!
    I’d like to know the price of this pony as I’m looking for a suitable pony for my daughter who focuses on show jumping. As we live in Sweden I’d also like to know if you can arrange with transportation?

    Have a nice day 😊☀️

    1. Hl! Mick is sold. Just about to take him off. We have though gott some exciting Ponies, just awaiting pictures.
      All our Ponies are offered including vetting and transport. Depending a little where you are we aim to take them all the way home.
      Best regards, Stina👍

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