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TJ Foxhall

Showjumping pony for the future

Showjumping pony, 148cm, gelding born in 2014, palomino.

TJ Foxhall
TJ Foxhall loosejumping

TJ has a fabulous jump and a great heart, he has the ability to jump bigger tracks. He showed his skills recently at the Millstreet Young Irelander finals, he kept his cool and focused very well on the task – just what you want to see in a pony for the bigger events.

TJ is broken to ride and is currently being brought on. We are hoping to bring him to a few smaller shows in the autumn to gain experience and looking to be back in Millstreet next year.


This pony has got that great star quality temperament, managing to keep his cool and focusing on what needs doing. He is not fazed by lights, audience, noise etc. TJ is good to handle and rides out alone and in company.

TJ Foxhall
TJ Foxhall stood

We believe TJ is top class and has the potential to go the distance.


TJ Foxhall qualified for the Millstreet Young Irelander Final and did well, he finished 9th.

TJ Foxhall
TJ Foxhall at Millstreet Young Irelander finals



TJ Foxhall
TJ Foxhall loosejumping 2
TJ Foxhall
TJ Foxhall loosejumping 3

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Foxhall Fred

Foxhall Fred

A gelding born in 2012 (6 years old in 2018). 138cm.

Foxhall Fred a Pony jumping a cross country fence
Freddy jumping a cross country fence

Foxhall Fred pony is a very friendly soul. A perfect plod to teach the noble art of riding. He is still learning the finer details but is a fast learner and is the perfect prospect for a riding school.

Foxhall Fred a Skewbald pony seen from the side
Freddy stood

Freddy jumps with joy and doesn’t mind what the fence looks like. He is a comfortable kind ride and aims to please.


We believe that Foxhall Fred is an asset to any riding school. He is kind, easy to do in all ways and has a heart of gold. He truly lives and breathes to please.

More photos, film and info shortly.






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TJ Foxhall