Month: April 2019

Grey pony with a big heart. Wonderful prospect for the competitive scene.

Comers Elf (sold)

Wonderful, wonderful Comers Elf!!!

Gelding born in 2013 (6years in 2019), grey, 14’2 (148cm), passported and absolutely perfect!!

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Woodpakr Dainty a connemara type dun mare

Woodpark Dainty (Kept)

Woodpark Dainty Woodpark Dainty is a mare born in 2012, 146.5, dun. This is a real little lovely lady. Woodpark Dainty super honest and a rock for anyone starting out showjumping or eventing. Dainty has done pony club, so is experienced Both cross country and over show jumps. She is a dream to handle in Read More