Woodpakr Dainty a connemara type dun mare

Woodpark Dainty

Woodpark Dainty

Woodpark Dainty is a mare born in 2012, 146.5, dun.

This is a real little lovely lady. Woodpark Dainty super honest and a rock for anyone starting out showjumping or eventing.

Dainty has done pony club, so is experienced Both cross country and over show jumps. She is a dream to handle in all aspects, including loading, shoeing, clipping etc etc

Riding school job / Competition pony

Dainty has been working in a riding school, she takes well care of her rider and is suitable for the novice / nervous customer as well as the more advanced.



Woodpark Dainty is though not limited to riding school work. She has a very good and scopey jump and is a rock across country. Her superb temperament makes her suitable for the younger competitor but does not feel limited to the lower classes, on the contrary she has got the ability to advance.


  • Woodpark dainty a dun mare hacking the long lynd

14/7/2019 Woodpark Dainty is transferred to our yard in the UK at Walcot Stables.

15/7/2019 Hack around Bury ditches which is a quite hilly route with roadwork. We met cars, farm traffic and lorries and she did not put a foot wrong.

16-17/7/2019 Schooling in the arena. All well.

18/7/2019 Hack the Long Mynd, this is a fairly steep route with plenty to see, amongst others a gliding club at the top. Dainty felt safe as houses and sure footed.

19/7/2019 Day off hard work, just a little walk down the lane.

20/7/2019 Yet again off to Bury Ditches and Cholstey wood. Beautiful hack and felt like fitness levels start to go up a bit. She is definitely fit enough for a competitive career. She though keeps her calm and is just soo lovely.

21/7/2019 Rest / Day off

22/7/2019 Flu vac and wormer.

  • Woodpark dainty


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3 thoughts on “Woodpark Dainty”

  1. Hi!
    I`m searching for a pony for my 10 year old daughter (roughly 140 cm, 40 kg). She has been riding 5 years serverhall times per week and has good balance and soft hands. The pony we are looking for must be uncomplicated in handling and riding, not spooked easily, good in traffick, quite calm but still with energy. A pony to build confidence with until she is reade for a more challanginh Horse. Since this will be a first competition pony it should be anonyma that likes showjumping and terrain, should be able to jump a course of 80 cm and capacity for a bit more but must not be for the higher classes. The pony should be between 138-148 cm, not more than 148 cm. It should be able to be ridden by an adult of roughly 68 kg a couple of times per week hence it needs to be able to manage that Please let me know if you have any suitable pony for us. Price max EUR 5500, transport to Sweden needed

    1. Hejsan!!
      Woodpark Dainty är en sådan ponny som du beskriver. Hon är mycket trevlig att rida, hoppar bra och är helt orädd i terrängen. Hon är med mig över i England nu och rids både av mig och min dotter på 8år. Det går jättefint. Med vänlig hälsning, Stina

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