Kilcorban Cool Hazel (Sold)

Kilcorban Cool Hazel

Bay pony jumping a cross country fence
Hazel jumping a fair fence XC

Wonderful bay mare born in 2011. She is 148cm/14’2. Kilcorban Cool Hazel is a nicely put together pony that has been well schooled and has plenty to offer a new jockey. Kilcorban Cool Hazel is the perfect pony for any rider who wants an experienced pony with lots to give.

Level of schooling

Bay pony jumping a big log
Cross country practise

Kilcorban Cool Hazel has done the lot, amongst others jumping, eventing, pony club, dressage, hunter trials etc etc. She has been brought on carefully and she has been well ridden and schooled by her owner. The pony has seen a wide variety of fences both cross country and showjumping. She is a very honest pony and does not shy from jumping anything. Hazel rides out in group and alone and there are no issues with traffic. Hazel is currently jumping courses of fences at 1-1.10m level and she has plenty in the tank to do more.



Hazel loves grooming time and is easy to do in all aspects of care. This including washing, clipping, shoeing, loading into lorry/ trailer, catching in field etc etc. She is controllable and sensible to ride yet an alert pony with the right amount of “sensitive”.


Young rider jumping without a saddle at home
Fun at home

We believe Hazel is a lovely, quality pony with a bright future destined to go far in the right hands. Hazel has a scopey jump and 3 good gaits. She will excel at eventing or showjumping or as a top pony for the more discerning riding school.


Dressage at Ballinasloe. Two very impressive prelim firsts with a score of over 70%.

2 rosettes from Ballinasloe
2 firsts in Ballinasloe 21/10/2018
Bay pony doing dressage in Ballinasloe
Dressage Ballinasloe

Eventing at Annaharvey. Clear x-country.

Bay pony cantering across country in Annaharvey
Good going across country in Annaharvey
Bay pony jumping a cross country fence
Kilcorban Cool Hazel going well XC in Annaharvey

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